Production Services

With so much independent filmmaking experience, I’ve picked up a number of skills along the way. Whether it’s breaking down a screenplay or booking the caterer, I’ve done it all. Most recently, I’ve had opportunities to work as production manager and 1st AD on LA-based independent features. I bring a level of competence to my work that I’ve developed over nearly two decades. Whatever hat I’m wearing, I’ve worn all the other hats at one point or another, so I understand where I fit within the workings of the entire production.

For now, I am available to LP, UPM or AD your production. I can also write, shoot and edit, and have been known to do some VFX work from time to time. I don’t expect to offer these services for long, as my directing career continues to pick up speed, but for the time being, I love opportunities to work with new crews, in new locations, tackling new challenges and making the magic possible.

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